A message from Simon Weston OBE

‘I write this message having recently met an amazing and incredible young man, Toby.

What this inspiring individual teaches us is that impairment is simply a frame of mind. I accept that disability changes lives, that some things are more difficult to achieve- but the key is in the word difficult not impossible!!

Toby is a shining example of how willpower and endeavour help us to succeed. He continues to work tirelessly to raise the awareness of disability, difference and diversity as empowering to all of us.

With the right support it is possible to achieve almost anything you set your sights towards. Just because our packaging is different does not make us any less valuable and a vital cog in that wheel of everyday life.

I truly am so impressed by the way Toby’s plans continue to change and develop- the sky is absolutely the limit and let’s not rule out the stars!!

For all of us – abled and disabled people, the rules are the same, if you work hard and put in lots of effort you get so much more in return. Satisfaction, peace, happiness, motivation, pride and a sense of fulfillment.

My motto has always been;

‘It’s not what happens to you, but what you do about it!’

Nobody promised us that life would be easy, but as Toby shows us, the struggle is so worth it.’

Simon Weston OBE

Simon Weston and Toby Hewson Founder and CEO

Simon Weston and Toby Hewson Founder and CEO

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