About – What we do

JustDifferent was launched in 2008 to make a positive difference to the lives of disabled and non-disabled people.

We provide innovative, exciting and educational Primary and Secondary workshops on disability and difference.

We challenge outdated and often uninformed perceptions of disability and difference. Our workshops are specifically designed to engage children and young people into thinking more imaginatively about the world they live in, and the diversity of the people within it.

Created and presented by disabled adults using a variety of simple interactive methods, our workshops encourage children onto a path of learning that is captivating and enlightening.

Specifically trained to contribute to the social and emotional education of young people, our Presenters are modern-day storytellers bringing a light-hearted attitude to disability and difference. ‘We may look or appear different on the outside, but we are all the same on the inside’.

We also encourage schools to support JustDifferent with an activity from our fundraising pack.  The pack is available when your booking is confirmed, or can be downloaded from this website.  Each activity in the pack is designed around disability and difference and reinforces the messages delivered in our workshops. You may decide however to use one of your own tried and tested fundraising activities.

 Learning about disability and difference

Learning about disability and difference