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About us

What JustDifferent does

In an effort to challenge and change outdated and sometimes misguided perceptions of those who are disabled or different JustDifferent deliver educational and workplace workshops. These promote acceptance, tolerance and understanding, all key factors in tackling bullying and discrimination.

We provide innovative, inspiring and exciting educational workshops on disability and difference to mainstream schools.

Our educational workshops are specifically designed to encourage the younger generation into thinking more imaginatively about the world they live in, and the diversity of the people within it.

There is no better way to learn about those who are “different” from yourself, than from someone who is just that!

Specifically trained to contribute to the social and emotional education of young people, our Presenters are modern-day storytellers bringing a light-hearted attitude to disability and difference. ‘We may look or appear different on the outside, but we are all the same on the inside’.

We believe:

  • That in order to break down barriers between people who are different, we must begin in our schools.
  • To encourage better working environments and understanding for those who are disabled, allowing more disabled people access to work.
  • In supporting and empowering young disabled adults to join our team as Workshop Presenters across the UK.
  • In equality of opportunity for disabled people (in the provision of equal access to education, training, employment, health, transport, leisure facilities, housing, and the right to a personal, family and social life).
  • That the inclusion of disabled children and young people in mainstream education is desirable and achievable.
  • In ongoing reflection and learning in our work, and the work of others committed to equality.
  • That society is richer for difference and diversity.

We our committed:

  • To encouraging the active participation of children, young people, educationalists and others who wish to engage with us.
  • To keeping abreast of developments in the inclusion debate and responding to these in our policy and practice.
  • To clarify, communicate with, support and care for all those we develop relationships with.

Support our work

Financial support is vital in allowing us to recruit workshop presenters with disabilities across the UK. Without them we cannot expand our reach and deliver more workshops in schools and businesses.

group of four people with their arms around one another