Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

JustDifferent would like to wish all our supporters and school partners well in this difficult time of COVID-19. We hope that your business, jobs, families and school children/young people remain safe and look forward to working with you again as soon as possible. As the rest of the country has done, we have postponed our events until later in the year in order to halt the spread of the virus, and we will be in touch with you all once we have new dates.

We continue to deeply appreciate your support, both financially and through corporate and community partnerships, past, present and into the future. We are going to use this time to innovate our services and broaden our offering to businesses as well as schools. Please do let us know if you would like any information in the meantime for workshops as soon as schools/businesses are able to re-open for business as usual. Best wishes from all the team at JustDifferent.

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We are working to make this site as accessible and easy to use as possible. This means we took accessibility into account when we built and tested the site, and we will continue to test it as its content and the technologies used to access it change.

Measures we have taken

Font choice and size

Our website has been designed with large font sizes and clear fonts to make information easy to read.

Because our website is fully responsive, you can simply zoom in to magnify text and images. You can zoom using the options in the ‘View’ menu of your browser, by pressing ‘Ctrl’ and ‘+’  or ‘-‘ on a PC keyboard or by pressing ‘cmd’ and ‘+’  or ‘-‘ on a Mac keyboard.

You may be able to increase your font sizes using your browser settings as well.

Background and text colours

The colours chosen and use of colours on our website meet WCAG 2.0 AA recommended contrast ratios so that text is easy to read.

We hope that our choices make our website as easy to read for as many users as possible, however are aware that some users require very high or very low levels of contrast to make information accessible.

If you wish to customise colours (and fonts) we recommend using the Firefox browser. Firefox provide an easy to understand guide on how to change your colours and fonts and you can download the latest version of the Firefox browser from their homepage.

If you do not wish to use Firefox, you may be able to use your existing browser’s settings instead.

Skip to content

If you’re using a screen reader or keyboard, using the ‘Skip to content’ link at the top of every page will allow you to skip past the navigation and get to the page’s content quickly.


All pages on our website use the correct heading structure making them easier to navigate.


All the images we have used in our site have alternative text defined describing what is pictured.


All links on our website use text that makes sense in isolation so it is always clear where you will be taken. Navigation links also include detailed text that is only visible to screen readers to describe link destinations where space is limited.


Documents added to the website before October 2018 have not been optimised for accessibility.

To open PDF documents you may need to install Adobe Reader.

To open Word documents you may need to install DOC Viewer from Microsoft if you do not have access to Microsoft Office or an equivalent word processor.


Our website uses cascading style sheets for visual layout. If your browser or browsing device does not support style sheets, our website is designed to still be readable.


If you have javascript disabled in your browser our enquiry form and testimonials slider will not be able to function correctly. However, the rest of our website can still be navigated and everything will still be readable.

Experiencing a problem?

If you have any problems using our website we recommend you first check and update your browser to it’s latest version if it is not already. It will be more stable, more secure and provide you with a better experience of the internet. If you continue to have any problems please do contact us to explain the issue.

Need an alternative format?

We are a small organisation so time and resources are very limited, however we will always do our best to help where we can. If you would like any information on this site in an alternative format please contact us explaining what you need.

Support our work

Financial support is vital in allowing us to recruit workshop presenters with disabilities across the UK. Without them we cannot expand our reach and deliver more workshops in schools and businesses.

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