Aims and Objectives



  • To provide innovative, exciting and informative Primary and Secondary workshops on disability and difference.


  • To provide work and training opportunities for disabled young people.


  • To help educate parents and teachers regarding disability and difference.


  • To promote the inclusion of disabled children into mainstream education with the correct support and resources.


  • To make an early and positive impact on the education of children in disability and difference.


"When I was little, I was scared of people with disabilities. But now that you have shown me that you are the same, just different.  You've changed me."  Year 6 pupil.


"Thank you for coming in and teaching us about people with a disability, you have changed what I thought and that we shouldn't be afraid of them."  Year 5 pupil.



“Working for JustDifferent has given me the chance to do some paid work, gain valuable experience as well as learning to work as part of a team with an organisation that understands my needs”. Workshop Presenter, Owen Griffiths


“The benefit that JustDifferent has brought to me is it has made me more proud to be different and to achieve a lot more goals that I did not think was possible at the beginning when I was first in my wheelchair. It has given me a lot more motivation to get out and try lots more activities”. Workshop Presenter



“For many children, contact and direct communication with someone with disabilities is limited or non-existent. This has the capacity to challenge discrimination”. Yr 3 Teacher, Hampshire


“Valuable insight into living with disability. Thought provoking for adults and children. The practical activities were very beneficial in helping children to relate to day to day life and “can do” attitude”. Sally Baldwin, Teacher, Manor Field Primary School, West Sussex.