Charitable Activities Re-Start Statement

During the past six months, JustDifferent have been waiting patiently to re-start our work raising awareness of Difference and Disability in schools across the country. With the beginning of the new term upon us, we are thrilled to be able to say we are up and running and again able to deliver workshops to Primary and Secondary Schools. Recognising that there are still guidelines in place to adhere to with regard to keeping pupils, teachers and families safe from the spread of Covid-19, some changes have been made to the planning of our workshops and it would be our pleasure to work with you to find ways to continue to change negative attitudes and inspire individuals to maximise their potential. We will build on our impact achieved over 12 years in continued partnership with schools, local businesses and communities.

If you would like further information or to make a Workshop booking, please contact us.

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Fundraising for JustDifferent

A little bit about what your donations would mean to children and young people across the UK

We would be delighted if you would consider Fundraising for JustDifferent.  2020 has been a very difficult time for all charities, but small charities with less reserves have really struggled to keep going.  Our Charitable Activities have been on hold because schools were closed for the most part.  Now, we are back!  We used the time to close the Head Office and cut costs, put in place a new way of working, redesigned our innovative workshops and broadened our marketing to cover as many schools in the UK as possible.  However, we could not do anything without your help!  Our workshop presenters are now working from bespoke studios around the UK and the more bookings we have, the more disabled people we can employ.  We are proud to be teaching tomorrow’s generation to be kind, together.

We subsidise the cost of our workshops to make our educational message accessible to everyone, to all schools, to help teachers instil positive values to students and also guide them in promoting inclusivity and offer ideas how to work with those who might be considered Different, Disabled or from a background of Diversity.  Workshops cost us around £250 to deliver, but we only ask schools for a percentage of this – anything you could do would help us get into more schools, you can even tell us where you would like us to deliver.

How can you help?  We can support you all the way with fundraising advice…

Hold an event for us, anything from a small bake sale or coffee morning, in school activities or a larger party

Take part in a community event and have people sponsor you on our behalf

Display one of our collection pots in your shop or business

Book a workshop for your school or college (the contribution towards cost is also considered a donation) or even your workplace

Choose us as your Charity of the Year

Corporate Fundraising – hold a series of events, a one-off event or book a workshop helping adults in the workplace prepare for and work with those with disabilities

Invite us along to give a short talk and make a small donation for a presenter’s time

Make an “In Memory Donation” or Leave a Gift in your Will

Grant a donation from your Trust or Foundation to help us grow regional delivery where you live

If you feel you can help or would like to discuss options further, please use the “contact us” page or email  We also have the red donate button to make things easy!

Thank you!

Support our work

Financial support is vital in allowing us to recruit workshop presenters with disabilities across the UK. Without them we cannot expand our reach and deliver more workshops in schools and businesses.

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