Primary School Workshops

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Workshops to suit you

  • Lasting 30 minutes for Key Stage 1 to 1 hour for Key Stage 2. Our workshops are suitable for classes of up to 30 pupils.
  • Our workshops are designed for Key Stages 1 and 2. (Foundation included in KS1).
  • All our workshops closely map to National Curriculum and government guidelines.




Our Workshop Presenters actively involve pupils in the learning experience. We introduce them to some of the tools and practices that enable people with disabilities to fully participate in life.


 “We liked the motorised wheelchair and the voice communicator. It was very good.”  


What happens at a workshop?

The workshops include a range of engaging group activities and experiences, such as:

  • Real-life story telling
  • Using a manual wheelchair
  • Quizzes
  • Electronic voice communication aids
  • Photo-story presentations
  • Picking up items using feet
  • Q&A session

 “The best bits were the quiz and the photos. It was GREAT fun and challenging.” 


 What are the learning objectives?

  • We give pupils the opportunity to see how disabled people can do most of the things that non-disabled people do, but that they do them differently.
  • We invite pupils to question their perceptions of disability.
  • We shine a positive light on disability and empower pupils with the ability to change the way society views and treats the disabled. 


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"The best bit was when we asked
questions.  It was wicked."