Support Us

Financial support is vital to our success

JustDifferent believes that the earlier children and young people learn about disability and difference, the more likely it is they will accept these differences as just part of the world they live in.


As a charity our work is aimed to help all of society. By starting in schools, by reaching out to children and young people, we hope to break down the barriers of difference.


We do not have a fixed fee for our workshops and therefore your support is vital to us.



We must fundraise to pay for the recruitment and training of disabled Presenters, the travel costs associated with reaching the schools, workshop equipment and workshop development, so that we can bring about the changes we feel so passionately about.



In order for JustDifferent to successfully continue our work in the future we need to ensure sustainable and regular income. JustDifferent seeks funding from Grant Making Trusts, Foundations and Statutory Bodies, individuals, community and companies.



Favouring partners whose values and visions are similar to ours, we are committed to developing positive, fruitful and sustainable relationships with all of our funders.



Please do get in touch if you wish to support our work in any way. Your help will be greatly appreciated and make a lasting difference to our work.

How you can help JustDifferent

Give a gift

Donate anything from £5 to £50,000 and you’ll be helping JustDifferent to create positive social attitudes towards disability and difference, reaching thousands of children and young people with our workshops and helping us to provide employment to young disabled Presenters.

If you would like to make a donation to JustDifferent, please visit our Justgiving site where you can make an online donation. Or phone or email to request a pledge form which will also contain details such as a Gift Aid declaration.



If you are a school, please consider choosing us as your Charity of the Year, or think of us when you next fundraise for a charitable cause. Contact us with your fundraising ideas and we’ll send you our school fundraising activity pack. Or, alternatively download a pack.



When you next think of doing something challenging or crazy, such as running a marathon, let us know and we will send you some sponsorship forms. Read about our fundraising partnerships and donors.


Remember us in your will

Here at JustDifferent we aspire to leave our mark on society by engaging witchildren and young people into thinking more imaginatively about the worldthey live in, and the diversity of the people within it. Importantly, today’s young people are tomorrow’s employers, policy makers and educators. Imagine a future society where everyone understands the similarities and celebrates the differences of people with disabilities. We are in this for the long term and need financial support in the future as much as we need it now. Please think about us when writing your will.