What the children & young people say ...

"I used to think that disabled people were different but now I know that we are all the same".

Amy, pupil at Lyminge C of E School, East Sussex

"I now know that disabled people are able to do the same things as us but just do them differently and I now feel I can talk to a disabled person".

Lucy, pupil at Kintbury St Mary’s CE Primary School, Berkshire

"Thank you very much for coming to our school! I must admit, that at first I was a little scared and worried and didn’t know what to think.  But as the lesson went on I began to understand and realize that your life is no different to ours, things just take a little longer for you. So again, thank you very much for visiting, as I really learnt a lot from the experience!"

Polly, pupil at Chichester High School for Girls, West Sussex

What the teaching staff say ...

“Brilliant experience to help overcome misconception, fears and barriers that children have towards disability and disabled individuals”.

Class teacher, Morningside Primary School, London.

"The workshop was a really valuable learning experience for all of the children. They were really engaged from the word go and so were the adults!"

Kathryn Hayward, KS1 Leader, Darell Primary School, Surrey

"Valuable insight into living with disability. Thought provoking for adults and children. The practical activities were very beneficial in helping children to relate to day to day life and 'can do' attitude".

Sally Baldwin, Teacher, Manor Field Primary School, West Sussex.

"I consider the sessions led by JustDifferent to be a rare and very valuable eye-opening experience, for many a life changing experience".

Jenny Lees, Personal Development Coordinator, Davison CE High School for Girls, West Sussex

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