Values and Beliefs

We believe …

  • That in order to break down barriers between people who are different, we must begin in our schools.
  • In supporting and empowering young disabled adults to join our team as Workshop Presenters across the UK.
  • In equality of opportunity for disabled people (in the provision of equal access to education, training, employment, health, transport, leisure facilities, housing, and the right to a personal, family and social life).
  • That the inclusion of disabled children and young people in mainstream education is desirable and achievable.
  • In ongoing reflection and learning in our work, and the work of others committed to equality.
  • That society is richer for difference and diversity.

We are committed …

  • To encouraging the active participation of children, young people, educationalists and others who wish to engage with us.
  • To keeping abreast of developments in the inclusion debate and responding to these in our policy and practice.
  • To clarify, communicate with, support and care for all those we develop relationships with.
 Discussing differences

Discussing differences

 Inclusion for all

Inclusion for all