Charitable Activities Re-Start Statement

During the past six months, JustDifferent have been waiting patiently to re-start our work raising awareness of Difference and Disability in schools across the country. With the beginning of the new term upon us, we are thrilled to be able to say we are up and running and again able to deliver workshops to Primary and Secondary Schools. Recognising that there are still guidelines in place to adhere to with regard to keeping pupils, teachers and families safe from the spread of Covid-19, some changes have been made to the planning of our workshops and it would be our pleasure to work with you to find ways to continue to change negative attitudes and inspire individuals to maximise their potential. We will build on our impact achieved over 12 years in continued partnership with schools, local businesses and communities.

If you would like further information or to make a Workshop booking, please contact us.

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Disability and difference in the workplace

Our workplace workshop packages are bespoke to each organisation and aim to ensure they feel supported and confident enough to work with disabled people.

Whether this be a recruitment consultant trying to attract disabled candidates, an employer understanding how to support a disabled employee, or a HR specialist coming to terms with reasonable adjustments. Workshops will instil organisations with the confidence and knowledge needed to succeed in their goals.

Themes and topics

Disability awareness

What is disability? How does it affect you? How should you behave around a disabled person.  Our workshops are designed to answer all these questions – questions people may feel uncomfortable to ask anywhere else. We will challenge stereotypes, and bust the myths surrounding disability by covering topics that include:

  • Language and etiquette
  • Barriers faced by disabled people
  • What disability is and isn’t

What do we seek to achieve together?

We take a comprehensive look at the language surrounding disability. Delegates will leave with a clear understanding between inclusive language and political correctness.

It is our hope that we will  be able to visit organisations face to face as soon as possible once again.  However, in the meantime, we are delivering bespoke workshops online and to groups of all sizes, educating leaders and employees how to accommodate those with disabilities or difference into the workforce to get the best out people’s potential.

What does your workforce need to be able to work best as a team, to include everyone and offer opportunities for each and every employee to add value and bring their talents to the task or everyday challenge at hand.  These workshops are designed to encourage positive attitudes and change perceptions about the potential of the individual in your organisation.

Are your working practices inclusive?

Our workshops help businesses and other organisations to provide equipment or spaces that are suitable for those with disabilities, to be prepared for technological needs and how to communicate to get jobs done.  One of the key points in our workshops is to help staff co-exist and to be comfortable around those with conditions they may never have experienced before.  With just a little bit of information, whole workforces will be more tolerant, more inclusive and kinder to one another, recognising the potential of each other and working together to meet organisational aims.

Businesses cannot afford to have disabled people going elsewhere to a venue, website or business that is more convenient. Accessibility encompasses the cornerstone of a business. From navigating a website, to moving around a venue, statistics have shown that one of the most common barriers in accessing a service is inexperienced staff. Businesses will be given the tools to ensure their customer service becomes exceptional.


The workshops can either be delivered in person or are available via Zoom and costs are negotiable for corporate organisations dependent on needs.